Tcare never reachable by phone

hi guys,
I have been trying to contact tcare via the toll free number bit somehow, it never connects. In the last month i have been lucky only once.
Can you please let me know the status of ticket number 17110565.
My phone is in the service center since 45 days.
Service center guys say smartron is not sending required parts.
Smartron tcare last week mailed me that the parts is being sent.
Today i checked with the service center and they again say that smartron has not sent the parts.
My 2 mails this week has not been replied to by smartron.
@Abhishek_TV could you please let me know whats going on?
Its been 45 days. 45 days is good enough time to get the parts from any place in the planet.
Extremely frustrting.


I forgot to add the job sheet.
Place: Bangalore

Sorry to hear that. I have forwarded this to the concerned team and they will get in touch with you soon!

Hi @sunumuk
The parts have been arranged and sent to the ASC.
We will provide extended warranty as well for the delay. Please contact the service centre.

Thanks for the infomation. May i know when did you send it. Need to know this so that i can call the ASC and find out the repair status.
I had called them yesterday and they said they have not received it yet.
Thanks for the extended warranty.
Very pleased with the gesture.

Hi @sunumuk , even today I tried voice call is not connecting, t chat creates ID but not response , e -mail I sent but no reply.

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@PrasenRao The only way to get a response from smartron is through this forum.
Tag abhishek_tv and hope for the best.
And yes, the toll free number never connects. I tried it 4-5 times today also. The call did not go through.

Hi @sunumuk, firstly thanks for the reply. Authenticity, I really believe from Abhishek, I created few blogs of my problem with SRT phone and I didn’t get any response, I tried to contact t-care and no one there to respond, mean while srt phone is not there in , new model phone is launched and all are busy.
My issue with data transfer and charger , I can’t transfer data to computer and while charging the phone suddenly stops. This issue Abhishek is aware of but my concerned is why he stops replying.
Service center in Bangalore is horrible , even with small problem they say need to change motherboard.

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@PrasenRao There are some issues with @tcare customer care number, we are sorry for that. Regarding your issue, I have reported it to the product development team and they will be looking at it. Please give us some days to find a solution.

@Abhishek_TV i called the ASC today and they still say that they have not received the parts from smartron.
This is getting really frustrating now.
Is there no way to track what is happening?
Can you send the ASC a mail keeping me in loop so that i can know what is going on.
Let them know that you have sent it. I will alteast be informed about the progress.
Ticket num: 17110565
Job sheet number: AMSBAL000050

@Abhishek_TV Glad for your reply, waiting is not a problem , when no one responds then that worries.
Thanks you. Hope ,t-care will up soon.


@Abhishek_TV Is there an update?
Anybody listening?

Sorry for the delay. I’m following up on your issue and will get back to you with an update soon.

@Abhishek_TV @sunumuk @Sujoy
we have dispatched required part to your service center, we will communicate with our ASC for Quick closure of issue and we regret for the inconvenience caused .

@tcare I finally received my phone. Took almost 2 months but got it nevertheless.
1 small problem. I am unable to log in to the tronx app. I get device not registered.
Attached: screenshot.

I am able to login to smartron using the same credentials.

@tcare @Abhishek_TV

today morning my Smartron srt phone accidentally got in bucket full of water n since then touchscreen of my phone is not working… plz help me to repair my phone as soon as possible.
i also emailed for the same.with Ticket No:5296650251

You may please contact the nearest service centre:

I have been trying to contact tcare via the toll free number but it never connects.
I want to know the status of ticket number 07740415710V
Work order no OOR/SM/18/00013.
My phone is in the service center since many days.
Last time when I asked from Service center, they say smartron is not sending required parts now I am asking them then again saying that smartron has not sent the parts.
@Abhishek_TV @tcare please solve this problem. Last time also with my another srtphone it took 2 months to get back

Please send a mail to