The smartron update cycle

The smartron cycle for update goes as:-
Step 1- Announce an update for old smartron phones that too when a new phone is going to launch so people trust and buy their new devices.
Step 2- Announce a tentative date so people will wait patiently for the update.
Step 3- Announce that the update has been delayed due to some hardware limitations or without specifying why the update is delayed.
Step 4- Let people wait for some days saying they are preparing the update and will send to Google for approval.
Step 5- Say that we are yet to send the update to Google.
Step 6- Announce the update has been further delayed due to some Google policies or approval issues.
Step 7- If you are lucky enough and the vendor still supports your processor you will receive a minor update with no big changes or a few bug fixes and with new bugs.
Step 8- Report the bugs and @smartron will deny saying that the issue cannot be generated at their end and will do nothing. OR will simply say we are planning new update till then the Chipset vendor would have stopped support for that particular chipset.

Enjoy your buggy phones or switch to other brands phone as no one will again buy this phones.

@smartron How do you not know the Google policies for releasing the updates and why after releasing 3 smartphones your updates are not approved by Google due to some or the other reasons


Example srt phone

I think they’re not keen to deliver the update as the demand is too less in the market but they forget the Main rule Customer is the king … In smartrons case it is suffering ,so hardly anyone would look up to this company in a short while.

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They are noooobs and think all consumers are fool.

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@Abhishek_TV please comment on this.

Why do @smartron release phones with such older chipsets of which the support is about to end in a year. @Abhishek_TV @RohitRathi @HSR

Keep posting on this topic let them know … How satisfied there customers are??

So they don’t have to bother about giving an update to their phones.

Correct … They don’t care This forum is just a hoax … Nothing else … They say Tcare 24×7 yet they never respond … I’m totally against this company … I’ll spread a message not to use their products .


I think they use these kind of outdated processors intentionally…so that they can say “support for this chipset already stopped by its manufacturers”…

We should say these types of things on their official Twitter, Facebook sites so that others will aware of this

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Our customer care team is not working 24x7.
8:00 am to 9:00 pm

@Abhishek_TV I need a smatron fast charging adaptor… it’s not available at tstore from where shall i buy???send me a buying link

Ok fine. . Still no use … First listen to what we say …

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smartron doesn’t care about users and their comments…


They just read those comments which they want to


See they don’t listen …

You may contact @tcare
1800 301 02866
8:00 am to 9:00 pm

Please I request all the smartron users not to trust this company and go with a different company be it mi or realme … These people don’t know how to handle customers and neither they give a shit about the customer satisfaction…


@raghav19.bhatia I already changed my phone and no longer use smartron phone.