Touch screen unresponsive T.Phone P

I bought a smatron P month ago and facing touch screen issue past 1 week and unable use a phone. Whenever touch the screen, it’s not responding and lagging. Another issue that while press the key “P” it’s typing “L” instead of “P”.

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another software issue… smArtron please improve your software Experience please… it’s my humble Request

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I have faced similar issues before. Automatic screen Actions, screen responsiveness issue, Incorrect keyboard key entry. In my lava iris 501.

Not just me. My 2 friends faced this kind of issues in their “Nexus 5”.

Don’t use any other charger than the one provided by the company. It may sort the touch screen circuits.
If that is not the case for you leave this reply.

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Is there any specific use cases like happening only while charging or only while in the ultra battery saving mode etc?

There is no specific scenario. Suddenly it’s not functioning. I have restarted and switch off and on the phone. Finally done a factory reset. After a factory reset, it’s not happening too frequently. But still there is same issue. Please share your email Id. I’ll forward the video which I captured for this issue

Please share the video and a bug report to mentioning the issue.

I sent video and mobile details to above mail id. Kindly check and revert asap.

We have received the video. Our product development team will look into it.

How long would take for respond to this request. Any time line?

Our concerned team will look into all the issues reported including this. It may take some time.

Any status on my issue. I’m still waiting for your reply.


@Abhishek_TV @smartron @RohitRathi
All of the smartron tphonep users are facing the same problem… please do the needful as quickly as possible and give daily updates about it

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Hi @mr.s.murugesan
Can you please inbox me your contact number? Our concerned team will get in touch with you.

[confidential number]

@Abhishek_TV why you ask for personal info like contact number in a public forum, somebody’s phone problem belongs to everyone, let everyone see how you resolving it… I can smell something fishy… Extremely unprofessional approach by Smartron

Hi @Viky.g
I have instructed him to inbox me the contact number, not to post it here under any topics. I have removed the number posted here by the way.

I too have the same problem. touch screen unresponsive and clicking some other places. When i type in WhatsApp, its automatically removing my text. If I click P, it gives L letter and backspace. Please fix it asap otherwise the phone is not usable.

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Are you facing this issue only while charging or every time you use the device?

Everytime @Abhishek_TV… I even removed tempered glass screen guard… Still facing the same issue.

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You may please contact your nearest service center.