tPhone improvement

At least incorporate some basic features as

  1. Double tap screen wakeup.
  2. Battery % indicator.
  3. Temperature gradually increases while calling near ear piece.
    Smartron team plz at least help in these issues.

Hi @manishkumarbudania , I have tphone but I am srt user. I will check and let me know about battery % setting. According to my knowledge there is no software support for tphone on updates.

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Software is a brain of mobile. smartron team should understand this thing. Until & unless you should not resolve software issues and provide software update, you should not be able to develop a huge market, no matter what hardware you can use.


Hi , I checked battery % is not there.

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Hey, you have the tphone, I want to know that what is the experience with tphone and how much you refer it to anyone…is it worth that premium segment???

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Hi @prathmeshp257
Major reasons to buy
tphone experience with touch , feel, sound, very elegant look, display awesome, built quality is very good, Volte on 2 SIM , battery backup is much better than srt may be because of AMOLED display.

No NFC , No Fingerprint Scanner and No Update stuck with Marshmallow.

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I have purchased tPhone for Rs 7990. @ this price you will not find any device with 64GB/4GB, AMOLED Display, one thing I like the most is its sound quality in earphones, although mobile speaker output is just OK. One issue I am facing is VoLTE. My jio sim is not catching HD signal although I have tried other jio sim in this handset, that will working normally.


Great price you got it, according my knowledge least price you get it in gadget 360 ie 7999 +100 delivery charge, where you got this.

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Spec see hi khus raho orr kuch umid mat karna

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From Croma Online Store.
I am facing one issue, if you can help.
VoLTE is not working in my jio SIM and if I insert another JIO sim it catches HD signal in tphone.
Then I thought my jio sim got some issue, but I also have MI Note 4 and my sim is working fine in that one. I don’t know what is the issue.
I have done factory reset also but it doesn’t help.

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Let me check with Jio SIM and let you know

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Hi @manishkumarbudania, You were right even I faced same issue, I checked now it is a bug and it is logged now. Waiting answer from smartron team.

How can we lodge our complaints/ bugs to smartron team?? It is good to hear that my issue is already forwarded to smartron team but I can also forward the issue if it helps.??

Hardware wise I am happy with the purchase but software wise I am quite disappointed. Smartron team should understand this, as Xiaomi understand their mistakes in primary phase of REDMI 2. Otherwise Xiaomi is not able to stand where the are now standing.

Hi @manishkumarbudania , you are at the right place to log your problems or issues, there are few things to be noted , here 2 to 3 people are incharge to take care of smartron users. They are @Abhishek_TV, @Razeeth, @HSR. Whenever you address you need to mention either one of the person. To address you need to use @ symbol whenever you use @ you get list of names you can you names to address them ex if you want to reply me use @PrasenRao , then I get notification on my profile picture then I reply to you.
Secondly there small course to use this forum an you can take test and know how to use features in the forum application and it is called discobot. One more good thing is you again badges using this forum , once you started gaining badges you earn tron coins , it is virtual money only used to buy smartron products from tstore. I will send you the discobot training video link created by @Sushi_Sing user of smartron srt phone. Which really helps you to understand.