Tphone looks good. Have a couple of questions

I watched the live stream of the unveiling of tphone. It looks really well designed, and I’m sure its going to be the choice of phone for a lot of people who are looking to buy a phone right now.
The past day has been pretty exciting what with the launch of tphone and Google I/O that took place last night.
Google Home and Google Assistant seem to have really figured out what to be doing next. Since you’re primarily an IoT startup, is there a similar product that’s being designed by smartron that does similar things to the Google Home or Amazon Echo for that matter?
Also, I think you should have included a finger print sensor in the first-gen tphone. It’s a really important feature that you shouldn’t have missed, and I’m sure the upcoming OnePlus 3 will have that, which is potentially a rival to the tphone.

EDIT: Oh, and what kind of IoT devices can I expect to be launched in the upcoming months?

Ashish, good thoughts. IoT stuff for smart home is going to be very exciting. we are building an interesting platform addressing localized problems for Indian market. Noted on finger print sensor. We have felt it is still not ready for prime time.

Hi…saw the live stream yesterday. Excited to see a good phone coming up. Want to get hold of one ASAP. Is there any phone exchange or buy back program you are coming up with. I have an iphone but willing to use Tphone. Phone exchange program will make it lot easy.

Hi, we have been internally debating about the phone exchange program. let me talk to the team and get back to you.

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