Tphone sale starts July 28th 2016

The wait for the tphone is over! Sale starts July 28th 2016! Register now on Gadgets360


That’s great news. I have already registered.What happens next after we register?

Hi Mohan! On sale day you will receive a mail from G360 with a link to purchase the tphone.

hi thats great news…kindly let me know if the phone would be ready to upgrade to latest and newer android operating systems?

Hello, I understand - as a startup it would be difficult to work with the manufacturing vendor and other folks in the value chain to get things on time. Hence, just want to ask if this date is on for sure?

Also, is Sachin using Tphone already?

Also - can you let us know what is in the box? many of the accessories like phone cover, screen guard etc. are not on sale yet as well.

Package includes power adapter supporting quick charge and ear phones. All the accessories including power bank would be available on tstore from day one, which you can access from or through tronx/tstore from the device.

Vinod, Sachin, management and some of the employees and others have been using and playing with tphone for sometime,

tphone comes with Android-M (Marshmallow).

I heard about heating issues with snapdragon 810 chip. Can you throw some light on it? How has the experience been with some of your folks using the phone?

It has been a great experience for us. We will put out some thermal maps and battery life stats. We are using later version of 810. With some nice thermal management between software and hardware and kernel level optimizations, it looks v solid. It also gives us the benefit of 8 cores.

Am I right in understanding that this is stock android (of course with the tronx apps). Would it be right to assume there is no skin/UI over stock android?

That’s mostly correct. we have done quite a bit of optimizations at kernel level to extract maximum performance and power.

Screen casting/mirroring feature is available?

Of course. Thank you.

Will the phone be available after the sale date?

Of course. Sale date is just the beginning.

I see some feedback on the camera software. Have there been updates to the camera software over the last 2-3 months?

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for tbook? we will check with the team and get back to you.

No for tphone. There are some reviews online (on youtube) that talk about it.