tronX Launcher 1.7.3 for Srt phone with noughat 7.1.2

I have downgraded from 8.0 to 7.1.2 Can I get tronX Launcher 1.7.3 for Srt phone with noughat 7.1.2

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but the launcher still have some issues…bugs…so i suggest you to go with nova launcher

Ummmm … It does have bugs but it gives localised content to level of city we are staying.
So I miss that when I downgraded to 7.1.2

Smartron has recently on 16 Sept 2018 has updated their camera app with backward compatibility to 7.1.2 .
Hope they would laugh tronX Launcher 1.7.3 backward compatibility to 7.1.2 .

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Recently I switched from Microsoft launcher to tronx launcher on official 8.0. it’s good and fast. Hope smartron makes some improvement. There are many features of MS launcher I still miss.

Here is the screenshot of my home screen.

@Sushi_Sing How does it respond in terms of network and battery.
Now as I have flashed 7.1.2 I am daily tempted to update my software to 8.0 through official software update to see if it works.
So just reply, if u have no such issues regarding network and battery life bcoz those r my two main concerns.
How long u have been on 8.0??

bro do you faced any microphone issue on 7 1.2

No I am not facing any microphone issue.
But I am missing the visual treat of 8.0 after downgrading to 7.1.2.
The icons in 8.0 are crisp and clear than in 7.1.2.

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@mhvasani I am also planning to upgrade my mobile back to 8.0 Orea but not through OTA but by QFIL method.
Missing below items when downgraded to 7.1.2.
-tronX Launcher 1.7.3
-dew drop icons possible in 8.0 which has tronX Launcher 1.7.3
-long press app icon to open its settings.
-gestures present in tronX Launcher 1.7.3

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Hi @PradeepV. Yes I agree with what u have written.
If u go ahead do share the performance of the phone here.
Yes I did thought abt the QFIL but have to setup phone once again which I already did when I downgraded to 7.1.2 and is very hectic so I am awaiting response from all the users using oreo.
If I get something positive from the users I will go ahead with OTA Oreo.
Thanks @PradeepV for the reply Man.

Now that you are on Official 8.0 Can you share tronX Launcher 1.7.3 apk taking backup of it using any file manager (I Use File manager+ available in play store) to take back up of an apk.

Can’t upload apk here. Are u on set telegram group?

TronX is good. Smooth,fast and responsive.
I am using official 8.0 from few weeks now. No issues at all. I use Jio and Vodafone Sim without any issues.

I rooted and then unrooted, coz banking apps and govt apps doesn’t work on rooted devices.

Just make sure when u decide to update to Oreo, remove all accounts and fingerprints, take backup and then do it to avoid any issues.

There is custom rom coming soon based on LOS Oreo 8.1.0. It might launch in few weeks.

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Yes I am in @srtT5524 telegram group post it there

Ok check there. @PradeepV

@mhvasani I have upgraded back to 8.0 official upgrade not through QFIL as my mobile is not getting detected in QFIL when connected to laptop.
Simple reason to upgrade back is, I missed what all I expressed above.
But yes signal reception has deteriorated

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Hello @PradeepV
After update did u got any fingerprint, camera or any other app errors.
As suggested by @Sushi_Sing did u removed google as well as other accounts and fingerprints before upgrade?
Pls give details as what exactly did u do before going for 8.0 OTA.
e.g. removed fingerprints, accounts, apps, settings, took backup or u just did an update without doing anything.
Sorry If I am asking too much, reply at ur own time
as I don’t want to setup my phone again with all the apps and settings.
Thanks @PradeepV @Sushi_Sing in advance.

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Backup of data and apps not required.

Sync/ backup your accounts from settings and accounts.

If u are using Notes app on nought, save those notes it in any other app as it won’t be available on 8.0.

Remove all fingerprints and accounts. Removing accounts is not mandatory, but I did it and after update added them.

Update from system update. Make sure have at least 50% battery and uninterrupted Internet when update downloads.

I haven’t faced any issues with fingerprints or any other issue yet.

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I have not registered any finger prints before update so it was not an issue for me.
I did not remove all accounts and all accounts are intact after update.
I have not taken any backup before update and have not lost any data after update.

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