Unboxing tphone P


They did not tell about tronx
The Smartron t.phone P boots up to Android 7.1.1 Nougat, but, the company has said that it will be upgraded to Android 8.0 Oreo. However, no specific timeline was revealed for the roll out of Oreo update

After going through the specefications, I feel that srt phone is THE BEST!!.
Why go for t phone p?Add a bit of money and get srt phone instead.

Increased battery and camera performance makes tphone p better than SRT , however in terms of performance SRT is best.
I was amazed that why it is coming with android 7 instead of 8 , new user has to send 1.5 gb of data for update!!

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ADD!? Save! About ₹300
t.phone P is at ₹7,999
srt.phone 64 GB is at ₹7,600
And with the remaining amount you can also get yourself a case or screen protector for the srt

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check this out bro @karthik

Srt phone is cheaper, and having better specefications.

  1. SD 652 vs SD 425
  2. FHD vs HD screen
  3. Quick charging vs normal charging
  4. 5.5 inch vs 5.2 inch
  5. 4 GB ram vs 3 GB ram

@Reyas check this

And what about battery performance, it drain quickly with heat problem also so in my opinion t.phone p is best over srt.phone.


Which phone do you have?
You cannot compare set phone with t phone.
How can one think SD 425, hd display, 3 GB RAM to be better than SD 653, 4 GB ram and fhd ?
Srt phone is the best.
Ever since I bought this phone, i have not seen any videos on my laptop. I am viewing all videos only on phone. Just Because of screen clarity.

Yes I agree with you and we also getting lot of heat along with srt.phone.