Update received


A update is received in my t phone p
Is anyone download it
Please confirm how are the performance after install it. Any issue or not
Please confirm

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You can install it. It has latest security patches.

When Receive Srt Phone Latest Security Patches ?

Does it’s done on wi - fi only

No update for srt phone.

@JoginderSharma the update only has under the hood improvements and security patch. There is no change in UI

Does it’s done on wi - fi only
Not in mobile data

Hey i received this update…just improve the security patch level and some staffs… Nothing else

Yes, you can. Not limited to WiFi only.

I have not received this update why???@jogindersharma @Abhishek_TV @mahekvora1997 am using smartron t phone p

You may please personal message me the IMEI number of the phone.

Here it is the screenshot [CONFIDENTIAL] @Abhishek_TV

Thank you for sharing this. I will check with the concerned team.

Try going to settings-> apps-> select ‘show system apps’-> find software update app-> clear dara of that app and force close it. -> check again in settings-> software update. Also can you share on which build is your phone running.

@Abhishek_TV after getting the update for t.phone P, I found that my keyboard is not working properly. I am using third party Bobble Keyboard. The problem is that I am unable to type anything. Sometime it works and sometime it just freeze without giving any feedback. I tried clearing cache and also reinstalling but nothing helps. Today I will try to hard reset my phone. Hope that will solve the issue. I will inform for further bugs.

use G keyboard :slight_smile: Its amazing

You may use Google keyboard and check.

Yeah, but i like using Bobble Keyboard which is an Indian startup. I just want to stay away from Google as much as possible to support Indian alternative.

Thank you but after hard reset, my phone is working fine.

Happy to hear that.