Will earning Tron Coins be revived by Smartron?

The good old “Earn and Redeem Tron Coins” really motivated users to contribute a lot to the Forum thereby making the forum useful, interactive and also rewarding the users for their contribution enabling them to purchase from tstore.

However, during late 2018 or early 2019 Smartron Team has decided to remove the feature of Earn and Redeem of Tron coins and all the earned coins also vanished from our wallets. Only later to take down the whole Smartron cloud including Forum.

@Abhishek_TV @RohitRathi Since, you have revived Smartron Forum, are you also going to bring back the concept of Tron Coins, along with Earn and Redeem probably :crossed_fingers:

We would love to see it back. Won’t we @Sushi_Sing @Surya @naganna @Gr8ayu @Neha @ATMSRIRAM @mhvasani @PrasenRao


Well. They should really do it and will as it was one of the right things they did back then. It promotes participation and rewarding for both parties. Tstore is started but it doesn’t allow you to login. Just blank page. It must be coming up.

I accessed Tstore yesterday. It is only filled with four accessories at the same old premium prices. More depressing fact is Tron Coins is not available as of now.

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Tron care said they will get back to me. Tech team will check. They feel there is no issues

@Sushi_Sing, We are working on this and we will revert to you.
Thank you.

@Sharathbabu, thanks for your feedback. We are working on said issues, will revert back to you.
Thank you.

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