Worst Phone Worst Service Not worth Buying

I bought Tphone in Sep2016 and from the very first month facing all sorts of issues Like Voice Breaking speaker issues Battery problems and service issues. The company does not have any service management policy in place they do not respond to any calls and if some how they come over phone they just ask for more time to resolve the issues. The so called TCare App provided never worked I tried connecting them through app at-least 1000 times but the app doesn’t work. Here is a list of issues in the phone:

  1. Speaker Phone: During the call you cannot put your phone in speaker phone mode if you do so you can hear the voice but your voice will not be heard at the other end. The best part is you cannot even disconnect the speaker phone mode during call when activated. You have to disconnect the call and try again in order to speak. I raised this issue in dec 16 and in jan 17 I was told that this issue will be resolved in the next update. Till now haven’t received any update.

  2. Microphone provided works only when phone is kept very very close to your mouth. If there’s a gap of even few centimeters between your mouth and phone it doesn’t captures what you are saying.

  3. Battery: In the starting I was getting acceptable backup (almost a day with moderate usage) since last 2 months it has started deteriorating and now I have to charge my phone after every 2 to 3 hours.

  4. Sevice Centres: Their service centers doesn’t even know how to record complaints. I had sent my phone 10 days back to their local service center and after visiting 4 to 5 times yesterday I was handed over my phone without any resolution. Reason provided to me was that they do not have mechanism to record service request or file complaints with the company. This is very frustrating.

  5. Availability of Replacement parts: This month My phone screen got shattered. When I Called the company for the screen replacement I was told that it is not available in India and they will let me know when it is available.

I bought this phone just because it was marketed as Made In India Phone but it seems it is imported from china. Samrtron is working on Sell and Forget principle they do not believe in providing service. My advice STAY AWAY from their products!!!


I don’t think who haven’t purchased a smartron device will come to this forum.

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@tcare @smartron @RohitRathi I have heard after launching srt phone , you are not providing proper care to tphone users . Is it true ?? After launching another phone , will you treat srt phone users in same manner ??

@abhishek277 you are right about the call quality of the device. In my case I don’t use speaker phone for calls, so didn’t matter much for me. Battery backup has been terrible lately, that’s mainly because of the power hungry snapdragon 810 chip set and NO LATEST UPDATES. As far as "made in India " is concerned, smartron has always said that this phone is designed in India and assembled in China. Actually only Chinese companies like xiaomi and Moto are making in India. All Indian companies are making in China only.
Smartron can rectify the call issues and battery issues with an update, but tphone has become so old and tphone customers are so little in number for them to care about.

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That goes with SRT and other models they plan to introduce…once they become a lil old they will stop caring for the service.

I haven’t bought buddy
But used it various times
For reviewing
And I found all the phone nice

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Srt phone is manufactured, researched and developed, assembled in India
And the brand is INDIAN

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Oh. That’s a good thing.

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@Ultrametric I trust your words but is there any proof that support what you said ?

  1. At the SRT phone launch, they said this
  2. I read(red) somewhere , most probably the manufacturing is in Punjab (I don’t remember exactly)

What does the box say? Made is India?

Hi Abhishek,

Greetings from Smartron !

Thanks for patronizing Smartron products.

As per the post, it is understood that there is a issue in your T Phone device.

I would request you to share your contact details (Phone No. / Email ID) and our representative will respond back at the earliest with a solution.



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Hi Sujoy

My email ID is abhishek277@gmail.com

Abhishek Tandon

@abhishek277 how s the call quality after updating? I am able to talk loudspeaker calls without any issues now.

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Smartron people told Digit on an interview that they are focused more on design, engineering and innovation part while outsource manufacturing wherever it is cheap. Check this link for full detail https://www.digit.in/general/mahesh-lingareddy-in-conversation-how-smartron-is-gearing-up-to-become-a-global-force-in-technology-38538.html. Since it’s not an old matured start-up, these kind of issues would happen. Off course it’s frustrating but companies always evolve when serving large number of customers that too in a tech driven competitive market.

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I never bought any Smartron device but I am here for Tphone after price drop.
Actully I think Smartron is doing great with thier devices till now.But I am really sad to know about T phone.T phone desvered at least 1 os update & camera plus battery fix.
It really breaks my heart to hear from u guys.
Those 1st 1000 users who paid 23000 for an Indian startup should b the prority of Smartron.They cant b ignorned.
This thing is pinching me inside a lot.
Smartron Fix ur Flagship its never too late.


I totally agree.If we Support they buy thier own equipments one day


Those 1st 1000 users who paid 23000 for an Indian startup should b the prority of Smartron.They cant b ignorned.
This thing is pinching me inside a lot.
Smartron Fix ur Flagship its never too late.